Sunny Reelhorn Parr

Cincinnati, OH

Sunny Reelhorn Parr is an accomplished performer, dance instructor, and choreographer. Her diverse experience includes positions of leadership in each of the roles she has held. She also successfully owned and managed a dance studio in Northern Kentucky for nine years before obtaining her current role as the Specialist in the Pension and Investments department and the Professional Development Chair for Young Professionals at The Kroger Co. Sunny enjoys spending time playing at the local parks or going to the zoo and museum with her husband and son.


Sunny was an NFL cheerleader and captain for the Cincinnati Bengals and represented the Cincinnati Bengals at the 2011 Pro Bowl. She received an Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Operations Management, from The Ohio State University, with Magna cum Laude distinction, and a Master of Public Administration, Homeland Security, from Upper Iowa University, with Summa cum Laude distinction.

Why I am excited to be a part of the GPSE brand:

The mission and goal for Going Pro Sports Entertainment is aligned with my personal mission and goals in providing the highest quality training, and therefore, developing the best performers in the industry. This industry needs more people who are focusing on the talents and strengths each individual brings to a professional entertainment team, and GPSE is doing just that. I am incredibly excited about the opportunity to work with a team who is dedicated to elevating the professional dance team expectations on all levels from performance to character and everything in between.

“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those of us who are doing it.”

George Bernard Shaw

- Sunny's words to live by.